It is often said that marriages are made in heaven, but if it is so then the happiness and sorrows of married life also should be part of heavenly schemes. In my humble opinion it is not so. When we do lots work in this world we never say that this also was planned in heaven. Well marriages are not made in heaven but they are purely part of this world. Our choices are swayed by many consideration, be it personal, financial or sheer beauty of the matches. Most of us go to Panditji/ astrologer to get maximum mileage for our thoughts. Herein, if right advice is given but doesn’t suit our needs we request panditji to have e-look at match making. Now learned astrologer knows that you are looking to suit your requirement, hence for the fear of losing his Dakshina( Fees) he will manage to give verdict as per your choice. In my experience I have seen that thousands of marriages are performed by learned Brahmins but how many really go hand in hand. I have also observed that many marriages not consulted from astrologer survive without any hiccups. Well folks marriages are not choices but needs of human society. My following suggestion may be used to get benefit from astrological services: (a) When proceeding for astro- solution go with prayer in your heart that you are correctly and fearlessly advised. (b) Carry some sweet and fruit for astrologer whether he is wealthy or poor. Give your Dakshina in advance even if has asked it or not. (c) Request him humbly to guide you in your endeavour. (d) Listen to him keenly and if required note down his advices for future references. (e) Do not run to another astrologer for second advice as it would cloud your mind. (f) Lastly listen to your heart rather than your mind and verify the oldest system of Ghar (house), Ghoor (Fertiliser for land acquired through cow /buffalo dung) and family size to consider the suitability of bride or groom as the family size of both sides and financial status would be the key factor in living happy married life.