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Marriage  Related Problems
Marriage Related Problems


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In Astrology, we study Marriage through 7th house. we also study Navash for Marriage. If we see any problem in Lagan chart , we shoud study navash chart also. If in lagan, some malefic effect and in navash 1st house and 7th house is strong and make strong yuti. This combination is good for Marriage.

If native 7th house has malefic effect, then native face problem in Marriage.Lord of 7th house should not be the lord of 6th , 8th, 12th House.

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Three Mukhi Rudhraksha
Three Mukhi Rudraksha
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Four Mukhi Rudraksha
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Eight Mukhi Rudraksha
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Five Mukhi Rudhraksha
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Six Mukhi Rudraksha

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